Stepping into 40's

               There are so many things said, and so much content is there online that an individual is completely confused about whether he or she has to celebrate or panic for becoming 40 yrs old. There is no way you can avoid this. So, guys and gals, let face it!

The condition sometimes is such that you feel somehow you must drag the years back (just a little bit of subtraction may be of one or two years and the slab would change from the '40s to 30's :-)) But Some of you are so full of dreams still that you feel the world has to be conquered...Right?

For instance, a Woman leaves everything for her child's sake, but when she watches her child growing up so fast, at that time, she is the happiest because now her child is getting ready to spread his/her wings and gearing up to explore the beautiful world. Because of this reason, the child gets busy in his mini world, and somewhere the mother feels that she is left behind. "The Empty Nest Syndrome" haunts her though she is very far from that stage. This is the plight of most of the modern women among us! The feeling is, "how on this earth can I recover my lost years which were the foundation stones for my career."

Consistently managing work, her individuality, and her children is not an easy job. On one side, the woman feels that she has not reached that Pinnacle in her career, but on the other hand, she is proud of her upbringing. Why is she so confused, instead she should now focus more on her 'Calling' and try her best to achieve her purpose in life for which she is sent on this earth. The moment she realizes her Calling or the purpose which is yet to be achieved, she will religiously follow the path towards its attainment, there won't be any useless thoughts which would de-energise her. And trust me, this is the best time to make herself worthy in her own eyes. All the complaints will vanish; all the regrets will disappear when she is aligned towards her goal. She is much younger than any other person, and that glow can be seen on her face.

There is so much more to share about the different aspects as well as the uncountable sweet and sour experiences related to this stage of life.

What are your views when it comes to celebrating 40's or getting panicky? We will carry on this discussion and I would love to know your feedback on the same. Stay connected and Take care!!

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