Power of Resolutions

What is the meaning of a resolution and why do we make these resolutions mostly at the time of a New Year? Well, the answer can be different for every individual. Maybe because it is the start of a fresh new year, people are excited, want some thrill, want some changes in there lives as they are bored with the same old routine and daily tasks!!

Well, resolutions are easy to make but far easier to break them according to our convenience and suitabilities. The main reason behind this is that our goals are not aligned with our resolutions, so 'The resolution-making' turns out to be a big failure. We try to walk on two different paths at the same time but just is it possible.

There are different kinds of goals such as Relationship goals, Physical and health goals, Spiritual goals, Career goals, Financial goals, etc. For example Physical and Health goals- 'My primary health goal would be to lose 2kg weight per month' and now when I make a resolution it would be not to have sugars strictly for 15 days. This will help me to attain my primary goal easily. So, when we start moving towards the attainment of these goals then the resolutions make sense!!

Along with a sense of fulfillment, the resolutions require a lot of discipline, determination, and commitment from our side. It completely depends on how we prioritize them if we want changes in our lives and that too very positive ones, Right guys! So it is still February- The Second month of 2020 and you never know what dazzling surprises and beautiful journey this year beholds for you if you follow your resolutions honestly and somewhat strictly!

My resolution is to write at least one page daily now let's see how this helps me in achieving my goals!! Readers, my friends tell me more about your resolutions and goals. I will be waiting... It is just the beginning of the year...

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