A Tribute to our Hero- S.Manohar Singh Ji (1926-2021)

On 18th April 2021 my Nanajee left for his heavenly abode..leaving us all in grief. To describe him completely I would be short of words but will try my portray him in this small Write-up.

Though he was 94, but so full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. His voice reflected all of these!

He had a remarkable personality. His aura was such that anyone could have got attracted to him. In his early years..being a great Hockey player, he even gave coaching to the High school girls team in Shimla..apart from his job.

Both Nanaji and Nanijee were very supportive to Mummy and both my Masis', so that they get properly educated and progress ahead in life. Nanaji was always proud of her three daughters and treated them like his sons. He motivated them to learn and gain all essential skills. At the time, when people gave more freedom to their sons, he made sure that his daughters were independent and, constantly pushed them to move further in whatever direction they choose for themselves...He was so Futuristic!!

Some unique aspects of his personality always reflected his true Sportsmanship. One such aspect was his 'Positivity towards life' and the other was the value which he gave to ‘Time’. He was a strict disciplinarian and truly treasured Time... Such that sometimes I thought he should have been in the Indian army.

In our summer vacations to Amritsar, we use to learn so many things from him. He taught us Table etiquettes, Salad decoration and pampered us with authentic Non veg delicacies. I remember...I was just 11-12 years old when I got hospitalized for maybe about 10-15 days in Amritsar. There were no mobiles and I had nothing to pass my time on that boring hospital bed. Nanaji knew this..and to my surprise..the same day he bought about 30-40 comics for me...I was the happiest and so was him…on seeing me smiling!

He was a brave soul and was so excited while narrating stories of his Forest visits and hunting. Though we had heard about many of these incidents.. repeatedly several times from Mummy and Masis' :) we still enjoyed listening to him so much. Nanaji had a great passion for cooking as well. Especially his mouth-watering recipes of Dum Biryani ..Bhuna mutton and butter chicken were famous among all the relatives and friends.

Nanaji was a 'Puran Gursikh' in all ways. He got up early in the morning and did his 'Amritvela' with Nanijee. They both went to Gurudwara daily.. till the time they were together in Amritsar (In 2004, Nanijee left this world ). The way he did his ‘Nitnem’ regularly showed his profound faith in Wahegurujee and his deeply embedded Sikh values.

One trait of his personality connected him so well with today's generation too! He was above 90 but so Tech friendly...Intelligent and eager to learn. He had a Laptop and the latest edition mobile which helped him to remain updated with the changing times.

We are blessed that we had him in our lives. I am so grateful to babajee that He made me his granddaughter. All his children and grandchildren are so proud of him, that they were lucky enough to spend so much time with him!!

Remembering all the good times we had spent together...

Goodbye Nanajee from a heavy heart!!

Love you so much...You and Nanijee will remain inside all of us...Always❤️

Your grand daughter

- Simi

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